Upcycled art shines under the Frankston line

Ground to Ground

Take the train from Platform 8 at Flinders Street Station to Patterson, walk down the ramp and be prepared to meet a glittering crowd of mosaic faces spread up and down the concrete walls of the rail bridge that crosses Patterson Road.

Crushed mirrors glint in the sun and catch the colours of passing cars. Portraits of schoolkids with coffee cup handles for ears or noses provide a quirky callback to the café culture of the local shopping area. Elegantly tiled images with pottery inlays jostle for wall space with colourful and cheeky cartoon characters.

It’s a dazzling sight, and one that asks for many a return visit to take in how cleverly the artists and school groups who created the mural have combined recycled materials with mosaic and glass to form a beautiful scene below an otherwise ordinary railway station.

The Stationary Faces project was initiated by Melbourne artist…

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